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The Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred at 14:46 on March 11, 2011 killed 15,884 people, and 2,636 people are still missing as of Feb 20, 2014. In Minamisanriku, Miyagi and Otsuchi, Iwate, more than 50% of the homes was completely destroyed. To remember this fierce natural disaster, and for our TOMODACHI who helped Tohoku and the rest of Japan, the Map was prepared.

The picture book “ENJOY TOHOKU!” was published for those Tohoku people. This picture book covers cultural events and festivals held in Tohoku over the year so that people of all ages around the world can deepen the knowledge and things about Tohoku. We would greatly appreciate it if you could get this picture book “ENJOY TOHOKU!” and learn about Tohoku, Japan.

A table of contents for “ENJOY TOHOKU”
March"Girls' Festival" (Hina Dolls Festival)
April"Cherry tree" (SAKURA)
May"Children's Day"
July"Star Festival"
August"Nebuta Festival"
October"Shogi Pieces"
November"The running up of the salmon"

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